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  1. A Pleasant Surprise

    Last year a couple days before the duck opener me and my buddy were coyote hunting on a hill over looking a hay field. A few minutes after sunrise we started seeing lines of black drop down into the tree line. We had no clue what was in the trees or why these strings of ducks were just piling in there!? We watched flock after flock drop into the thin sliver of trees for about 45 minutes to an hour. Finally, curiosity got to us and we abandoned our coyote adventure. We walked across the 300 yard ...
  2. MN Deer opener

    The time in MN where almost everyone hunts is the MN Deer opener! I will be honest in saying I would rather be setting out decoys and laying in a blind. For some reason my layout blind is always warmer than my stand! But I enjoy being with my family and talking about hunts! This morning he wind in Kimball was blowing hard. Lucky me I was on the other side covered with woods! I was laughing in my stand knowing that when I see my uncle he was going to be running to the truck! In my stand I fell asleep ...
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  3. This Morning was a guessing game.

    Scouting this past week was a unusual, Scouting fields half an hour away from my house wasn't my biggest concern. But when i was scouting these fields every two days I was seeing a bunch of changes in these big honkers. First day thousands of mallards were flying all above my head. Trying to figure out where in the heck are they landing trying to watch where they were going was making my eyes cross.
    I got out of my truck to get a better glimpse with my binoculars. Suddenly I start hearing ...